Repair TagAccu-Lube Repair Service

Restore or replace your Accu-Lube applicator with fast turnaround time and low cost out-of-warranty repairs.

Free Quote in 48 hours

If you have a standard 1-or-2 nozzle Junior or Box Applicator we will replace your damaged applicator with a fully refurbished model.
*Damaged nozzles and/or pumps are not covered under the replacement program.

  • 1-Pump Junior
  • 2-Pump Junior
  • 1-Pump manual Box
  • 1-Pump automatic Box
  • 2-Pump manual Box
  • 2-Pump automatic Box

(Model # 01D0- )
(Model # 02D0- )
(Model # 01A0- )
(Model # 01A1- )
(Model # 02A0- )
(Model # 02A1- )

If your applicator is not listed above we will clean and repair your applicator. Included in the repair package is:

  1. Applicator wipe down & wash
  2. New hoses
  3. New pump seal kit
  4. Rebuilt frequency generator
  5. Reservoir cleaning
  6. Nozzle cleaning


Step Replace/Repair Process

  1. Prepare Info
    Have your applicator model number and serial number on hand

  2. Contact SRM Service Center
    Get an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

  3. Send it In
    Mail the applicator to the SRM Service Center

  4. Inspection & Quote
    Within 48 hours of arriving at the SRM Service Center a technician will inspect the applicator and issue a quote