Accu-Lube Press Release

Emily Gibbons
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Accu-Lube Power Stamp III
Go Green with Vegetable-Based Stamping Lubricant

Glenview, IL – September 1, 2009 – Power Stamp III is a natural-based, environmentally-friendly metal forming. This lubricant is made from renewable resources and is safe for use on all ferrous and nonferrous metals, including aluminum, titanium, brass, bronze, and copper.

Power Stamp III is formulated with high boundary lubricants and anti-wear additives so it works extremely well in difficult operations where a lot of friction is generated. This lubricant is ideal for use with carbide dies, deep drawing, and applications with heavy-gauge metals. Power Stamp III is easy to clean with just a water wash.

Power Stamp III is available in 1 gallon and 55 gallons containers.

ITW ROCOL North America designs and manufactures a full line of lubricants and cutting fluids for the metalworking industry including the Accu-Lube product line of environmentally-safe lubricants and equipment for minimum quantity lubrication.

1 gallon jug of Power Stamp III, for print