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Rustlick PowerCool PRO

Name Change – Previously Known as PowerCool MaxLife

Glenview, IL – June 7, 2010 – Rustlick announces that the products previously known as PowerCool MaxLife and PowerCool MaxLife CF are now called PowerCool PRO and PowerCool PRO CF, respectively. The part numbers affected in this name change are 86605, 86655, 85505, and 85555. Any questions or comments should be directed to Emily Gibbons at 847-657-5343 or [email protected].

ITW ROCOL North America designs and manufactures a full line of coolants and lubricants for the metalworking industry including the Rustlick product line of cutting and grinding fluids, EDM fluids, rust preventatives, sump-side additives, and coolant maintenance equipment.


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5 gallon pail of PowerCool PRO, for print
55 gallon drum of PowerCool PRO, for print