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Rustlick Metalworking Fluids

Coolant Maintenance Equipment

Rustlick has all of the equipment that you'll need to make sure your coolant is clean and operating at peak performance.

At Rustlick we believe in getting the most out of a dollar and routine coolant maintenance is the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way to keep your total coolant costs down.

Properly maintained cutting fluid performs better, makes better parts, is healthier for operators, increases production speed, and simply lasts longer than coolant that isn't taken care of.

SC3000 Coalescer
Portable coalescer cleans up to 95% of floating and entrained tramp oil from metalworking fluid.

Adobe .pdfSC3000

Mini SC Coalescer
Economical, compact coalescer cleans tramp oil and contaminants from metalworking fluid.

Adobe .pdfMini SC

Universal Wheel Skimmer
Versatile wheel skimmer with injection molded frame removes floating tramp oil.

Adobe .pdfUniversal Skimmer

Steel Frame Wheel Skimmer
Durable wheel skimmer with steel frame removes floating tramp oil.

Adobe .pdfSteel Frame Skimmer

Drum Mixer/Proportioner
Dilutes and mixes coolant concentrate with just the right amount of water automatically for a perfect concentration.

Adobe .pdfDrum Mixer

The fastest, easiest, most accurate way to measure coolant concentration.

Adobe .pdfRefractometer

Maintenance Help:

Need help starting a coolant maintenance program in your shop, or just want to pick up a few tips? Our experts are always ready to help you.

Adobe .pdfArticle: The Six Steps to Coolant Success

Adobe .pdfArticle: Coolants and Coolant Management

Adobe .pdfCheck List: Daily Coolant Check List

Adobe .pdfCheck List: 10 Point Coolant Inspection

Adobe .pdfGuide: Drain, Clean, and Recharge

Adobe .pdfGuide: Changeover - The Right/Rustlick Way

Adobe .pdfGuide: Triadine 20 / Grotan Dosing Schedule

Set-Up an On Site Coolant Inspection with a Rustlick Pro