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Rustlick Metalworking Fluids



Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Coolant

ULTRACUT® 380R is a premium heavy-duty, biostable, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid with non-chlorinated extreme-pressure additives. This coolant is exceptional hard water stability and resistance to microorganisms for low maintenance. ULTRACUT® 380R is formulated with the ideal balance of lubricity, stability and cooling performance.

This aluminum-friendly metalworking coolant can be used in machining, cutting and grinding applications so shops can consolidate coolant use to one universal metalworking fluid. ULTRACUT® 380R provides good corrosion protection, lubrication and tolerance to contamination with good bioresistnace and longer sump life than soluble oil cutting fluids

ULTRACUT® 380R does not contain chlorine, sulfur, boron, phenols, nitrites or triazines.




Available Sizes:
5 gallon pail - Part # 76005
55 gallon drum - Part # 76055


TDS, MSDS. link to TDS link to MSDS

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