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Rustlick Metalworking Fluids

Sump-Side Additives

Sump-Side Additives

These products help keep metalworking coolant at its best for the highest performance possible.

Triadine 20
Industrial microbiostat designed to combat bacteria and fungus in metalworking fluids.

TDS/MDS Triadine 20 TDS Triadine 20 MSDS

Broad spectrum bactericide for the treatment and prevention of microbial contamination.

TDS/MDS Grotan TDS Grotan MSDS

Non-Silicone Defoamer
Used to minimize and control foaming.

TDS/MDS Non-Silicone Defoamer TDS Non-Silicone Defoamer MSDS

Kleenzol DY
Water-soluble alkaline sump and general shop cleaner with corrosion protection.

TDS/MDS Vytron-N TDS Kleenzol DY TDS Kleenzol DY MSDS

Startup Kit
Convenient easy-to-use kit for coolant changeovers and cleaning.

.pdf Startup Kit


Kleenzol DY - 1 gal. jug
Triadine 20 - 16 oz. bottle
606 - 12 oz. aerosol