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Rustlick Metalworking Fluids

Vegetable-Based Water-Soluble Oils

Bio-Based Water-Soluble Oils

Bio-based water-soluble oils, also known as vegetable-based, plant-based or "green" coolants, combine vegetable oils with emulsifiers and performance additives to create an plant-based coolant concentrate designed to be diluted with water.

Vegetable oil has long been recognized as having superior lubricating properties. These new "green" coolants provide the lubricity of straight oil with the cooling and flushing abilities of water. Vegetable-based coolants are compatible with virtually all types of metal.

The unbeatable, durable lubrication of bio-based soluble oils has been shown to significantly increase production rates, efficiency and tool life.

new! ULTRACUT® Green
Vegetable-based, bioresistant water-soluble oil with chlorinated performance additives for heavy-duty applications.


new! ULTRACUT® Green CF
Chlorine free, vegetable-based, bioresistant water-soluble oil with performance additives for heavy-duty applications.
Now USDA Certified - 81% BioBased!


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